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Fostering the education and 

practice of the professional 

holistic aromatherapist


"Lora is enthusiastic, motivated and passionate about her work and is perfectly qualified to ensure her journal always has relevant and up-to-date articles to inform the world of aromatherapy in a timely and professional manner."

Jacqui Stringer, PhD, BSc, RGN, MIFPA

Clincial Lead, Support Care Services at The Christie NHS Foundation Trust

"The journal is WONDERFUL! Lora Cantele's expert dedication to holistic clinical aromatherapy is conveyed through the excellence of the professional journal of which she is Editor, as well as in the genuine interest she takes in the work and endeavours of aromatherapy groups and practitioners the world over."

Gabriel Mojay, LicAc, Cert Ed, FIFPA

The Institute of Traditional Herbal Medicine and Aromatherapy

"The IJPHA does so much to inform, inspire, and elevate my aromatherapy practice! From case studies and essential oil profiles to focused, in-depth articles from industry experts on leading edge topics, the journal is joy in my mailbox."

Kristina Bauer, 

Owner/Formulator/Alchemistress, Untamed Alchemy

"Just read the journal on my flight. This journal is the best I've ever subscribed to. So much valuable information. Thank you Lora for creating an aromatherapy masterpiece!!"


Avanti Therapy

"When she told me she was starting the journal (the IJPHA) I knew that it would be a well written journal that contained interesting and topical articles that were all relevant to a practicing Clinical Aromatherapist. She has delivered this and more with the journal. It is full of valuable articles, information and research. I read each issue from cover to cover. Her contributors are all well known in the aromatherapy field and the advertisements are all relevant."

Anita James, Dipl.A, MIFPA, CertEd

Principal Instructor, Essentially Holistic

"Wonderful aromatherapy journal. Each issue is better than the next. Full of scientific, interesting and applicable information. Truly one of the best aromatherapy journals!"

Virginia Musacchio, MA, LMT, RA, CA

Stillpoint Aromatics

"Just got mine yesterday... loving it... Still reading about all the latest research being done in various places including the exciting. Thank you so much for putting together such a wonderful resource."

Tracie Glazier Baxter, Cerified Aromatherapist and LMT

Chemist and former Graduate Teaching Assistant at University of Alabama

"I have published articles in IJPHA edited by Lora. She is really appreciable, passionate and helpful during manuscript preparation. I have published many papers in the field of essential oils, but I found the most informative and practical journal is IJPHA. Best of luck for her efforts."

Prabodha Satyal, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer of Aromatic Plant Research Center (APRC)

"I love love love love love this journal. Its hands-down the best one I've ever read. My favorite part? The diversity of the articles. Looking forward to many years of subscriptions"

Olivia MacMillan, Certified Aromatherapist

Chief Ranch Dressing Advisor