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Online Advanced Certificate Course

Olfactory Aromatherapeutics: Neuroanatomy, Pharmacoenergetics and Olfactivities

with Gabriel Mojay, LAc, CertEd, FIFPA and Special Guest Lecturer

 Denise Cusack, Clinical Herbalist & Certified Aromatherapist and                 special guest interviewee Frauke Galia, Smell Coach and Certified Aromatherapist

13-hr Certificate (13 CPDs) Seminar (Taught over six 2.5-hr Zoom Webinars )

October 14-15, 2023 - 9 am-11:30 am (MT)

October 21-22, 2023 - 9 am-11:30 am (MT)

October 28-29, 2023 - 9 am-11:30 am (MT)

In this new advanced certificate course, Gabriel Mojay invites practitioners to join him in a special study that encompasses the history and culture, structure and function, and healing properties of olfaction, together with its significance within aromatherapy and plant medicine as a whole.

We will begin by exploring the meaning of this most essential dimension of aromatherapy: olfaction (smelling) as a natural therapy— together with its use as an adjunct to other methodologies of healing as well as its central, arguably synergistic role when operating in tandem with co-applications of essential oils in clinical aromatherapy.

Bearing in mind that ontology as a philosophical inquiry is concerned with how phenomena are grouped into categories, and which of these phenomena exist at the most cardinal level— and with this in mind, we will investigate the importance of olfaction within aromatherapy, and to what extent smelling is recognized for its therapeutic value beyond our immediate professional realm.

We will look at the cultural history of smell and its documented salubrious uses from ancient times through the rise of 18th-century botany— during which Linnaeus himself examined the therapeutic uses of plant substances based on simply inhaling their fragrance… through to the modern period in which synthetic chemistry fundamentally shifted the scientific understanding of odor: not to mention transformed of the art of perfumery.

(In a somewhat similar vein to Linnaeus, the founder of homeopathy, Samuel Hahnemann, first experimented with creating homeopathic remedies based not on ingesting/absorbing minute amounts of a plant substance, but indeed, by actually smelling that substance!)

Our study of the modern period of the culture and of the evolving therapeutics of olfaction will lead us to a study of the rise of scientific olfactory physiology.

Taking a deep dive into the structure and function of the olfactory system, we will consider key principles of knowledge in the contemporary science of olfaction— most particularly the biological evolution of olfaction, olfactory neuroanatomy and neurogenesis, odor priming, and major olfactory disorders.

We shall also briefly investigate the role of secondary metabolites in nature - semiochemicals and other categories of chemical communicators - in order to gain a better understanding of the role of human pheromones and the profound connection between olfaction, reproduction and the ongoing survival of human species!

We will take some key pointers from the work of Dr. Rachel Herz Ph.D. in particular, with respect to the scientific therapeutic potentials of olfaction— and Gabriel will relate these in turn to the contextual therapeutics of holistic healing and specifically to Oriental medicine (TCM): and ultimately to a combined biochemical-vitalistic pharmacoenergetic interpretation of aromatic ‘olfactivities’.

This will co-inform a historical overview of various methodologies for classifying odors, including the work of Paul Jellinek, with respect to the psychological basis of perfumery. Here, Gabriel will offer an energetic-therapeutic interpretation of the Jellinek framework— an aromatic paradigm for clinical consideration in cases in particular of clinical depression and anxiety. As part of this strategic clinical orientation, he will share clinical insights into using essential oil-impregnated nasal inhalers (‘sniffy sticks’) in acupuncture, herbal, and shiatsu patients with these disharmonies and conditions.

In particular Gabriel share with participants an approach based on the energy cycle of the Jing Luo channels (‘Meridians’) through their 24-hour biorhythmic day, opening up a new dimension to olfactory aromatherapeutics by combining this understanding with stimulating specific acupoints at the same time as smelling specific essential oils or essential oils blends— and using them in a simple yet effective way on specific energetically-related acupoints.

Such an approach at a prescribed time of day can provide, from a vitalistic standpoint, the greatest potential for olfactory healing based on this millennia-old classical system of understanding how Qi energy circulates through the body.

Denise Cusack, a leading clinical herbalist and past president of the American Herbalist Guild (AHG), and Executive Director of Herbalists Without Borders (HWB), will join us for webinar #4 to share with us her work on using olfaction through nasal inhalers on a patient group made up largely of military veterans who often suffer with symptoms and conditions arising from neurological damage that can also deny them their sense of smell; i.e. anosmia.

Denise will share her work with this patient group generally, as well as her work with phyto-aromatherapy generally, pioneering a profound clinical pathway with this most precious of senses.

Our special guest interviewee is Frauke Galia, an expert in fragrance who brings not only the insight gleaned from a background of its role in the industry but a passion for olfaction generally. With her special understanding and training, Frauke has taken forward an innovative approach to smell training for those suffering from post-infectious, and in particular post-Covid, disorders of smell, including anosmia.

What’s more, Frauke Galia will join us to share her diffusive, infectious passion for olfaction and smelling— and has promised to share her most secret, surprising thoughts on the subject which, following the numerous interviews she has done with leading luminaries as part of her podcast, An Aromatic Life, promises to be aromatically riveting not to say inspiring…. literally!

Join Gabriel Mojay with IJHPA host Lora Cantele, Special Guest Lecturer Denise Cusack (webinar 4), and Special Guest Interviewee Frauke Galia (webinar 5) for this dangerously deep dive!


• Format: six 2.5 hr Zoom Pro webinars incl. 20-minute. tea break.

• Style: informal, informative, lively, humorous, and scholastically rigorous.

• Presentation notes: extensive first-class individually-referenced PDF-slide presentation notes.

• Visual Education & Plant ID: slides and slide notes illustrated by aromatic plant images from Gabriel’s personal library of over 6000 aromatic and medicinal plant photographs.

• Zoom recording: webinar recordings made available for review for one year following sharing.

• Class participation: participant questions and comments relevant to the diverse range of topics the class encompasses are welcome, while certainly not required.

• CE Certificate of Attendance: individually issued as a PDF following the 6th and last webinar,

jointly issued by the International Journal of Professional Holistic Aromatherapy (IJPHA) and the Institute of Traditional Herbal Medicine & Aromatherapy (ITHMA), founded by Gabriel in London in 1990 ¬– a year before he founded the Register of Qualified Aromatherapists, which merged to become the International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists (IFPA) in 2002.

13 CEs

Online Webinar Dates: October 14-15, 21-22, 28-29, 2023 (6 days)

Class session time: 9 am- 11:30 am (MT) - Check your time zone.

Fee: $450 - $399 Early Bird Rate through August 12, 2023


Gabriel Mojay is an author-researcher, educator and practitioner in the scientific and TCM-energetic aspects of medicinal and aromatic plants and their essential oils. He has practiced clinical herbalism, aromatic medicine, and acupuncture since 1987. Gabriel was born in England, grew up in Maryland, has spent most of his career in London, and now resides in Northern California, dividing his time between Sebastopol, in the coastal county of west Sonoma, and Pine Mountain Lake in Tuolumne County, close to Yosemite National Park. He first studied TCM in 1978, qualifying in Shiatsu. He later co-authored Shiatsu – the complete guide. Following 4 years of study with leading TCM clinicians such as Giovanni Maciocia, he became a member of the British Acupuncture Council. While at acupuncture school Gabriel trained in both Western and Chinese herbal medicine with Michael McIntyre, among others; and in scientific aromatherapy with Pierre Franchomme and Daniel Pénoël MD, Rhiannon Lewis, and Peter Holmes, among others. From 1990-2020 Gabriel was the Principal of the Institute of Traditional Herbal Medicine and Aromatherapy (ITHMA), London. In 1990 he founded the Register of Qualified Aromatherapists, a UK professional association that later merged to form the International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists (IFPA), which has some 2000 members in about 50 countries. He is a Fellow of IFPA and ICAN, and a member of the AHG, AIA, and NAHA. Gabriel has presented lectures at international conferences and seminars in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, Korea, China, Hong Kong, Australia, France, the Czech Republic, Ireland, and the UK. He is the author of Aromatherapy for Healing the Spirit.

Denise Cusack (she/her) is a clinical herbalist, certified aromatherapist, certified permaculture designer, medicinal herb grower and plant conservationist, writer, and artist. Denise lives in Wisconsin at Lunar Hollow Farm, a botanical sanctuary in the United Plant Savers Botanical Sanctuary Network, where she grows hundreds of varieties of medicinal and aromatic plants, including those at risk. Denise serves on the Herbalists Without Borders Board of Directors and volunteers as the HWB US Seed Grant Coordinator and grows herbs for Free Clinics. Denise is a hands-on and passionate educator and facilitator, bringing permaculture principles, environmentalism, and ethical ecology to the subject of regenerative herbalism, sustainable aromatherapy, and holistic health and wellness. 

Frauke Galia is an educator, lecturer, and smell coach who’s spent over 20 years in and around

the fragrance industry, where she honed her sense of smell working with some of the most well-

respected perfumers in the industry. Frauke is the founder of F.A.L.K. Aromatherapy, an online resource for harnessing your sense of smell for well-being. She is a Level II Certified Aromatherapist  dedicated to helping people harness their sense of smell with the support of nature and aromatics. Her work is focused on three key areas: olfactory awareness, olfactory health, and aromatherapy. She believes that smelling is a privilege and that society undervalues this beautiful and critical sense. Her philosophy encourages a mindful connection with smelling for both health and well-being. Since 2020, Frauke has been a professional ambassador for the non-profit U.K. organization Fifth Sense, a charity focused on supporting those with smell and taste disorders. It is her mission, as a person with “smell-ability,” to bring more awareness and compassion for people with anosmia, those affected by the inability to smell. Her aim is to bring closer those who have the privilege to smell with those who are unable to smell because, through perspective, we can all learn from, and support, each other. Frauke also hosts the podcast An Aromatic Life which aims to shed light on our beautiful sense of smell and increase its profile in a culture dominated by sight and sound. Furthermore, Frauke is the creator of the Scent*Tattoo project, which aims to connect humans through scent and scent memories. She teaches individuals how to regain their sense of smell, with support of essential oils and natura, to improve and maintain smell health. 

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