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 Wounded Healer, Compassion Fatigue & Dealing with 

the Epidemic of Mental Health 

with Florian Birkmayer, MD and Cathy Skipper, Herbalist & Aromatherapist

2-day Certificate (13 CPDs) Seminar

We in the healing professions are all wounded healers. However, this archetype has been overlooked and misunderstood.

‘Burn out’ or Compassion Fatigue among therapists and health care practitioners has always been a risk and this risk and the rates of compassion fatigue have been increasing for many reasons, including the COVID-19 pandemic and other factors increasing demands and pressures.

If the wounded healer doesn’t commit to working on themselves, they become the wounded wounder. This doesn’t just mean boundary violations or making mistakes, but also keeping the client trapped in the ‘patient’ role, in spite of our best conscious intentions. It also means avoiding necessary personal growth by continuously mis-prioritizing our time to see ever more clients, which can lead to grave personal consequences.

In this LIVE and in-person 2-day workshop we will delve deeply into the archetype of the Wounded Healer and the power of the unconscious forces that rule us unless we commit to making them conscious. We will practice approaches to self-discovery using essential oils as living allies, because of their deep power to open the doors to the unconscious and reconnect us to ourselves. We will develop a working road-map of the unconscious and methods that can guide us on this life-long journey of self-discover and transformation. Committing to our own growth first, we empower our clients on their own healing journeys.

Want more information about the course content? Watch the video.

Learning Objectives:

  • To develop a deep working understanding of the archetype of the Wounded Healer, how this can rule us unconsciously and how we can embrace the ongoing journey for the wellbeing of our clients and ourselves.

  • To understand how committing to our own paths as wounded healers benefits our clients.

  • To practice methods for self-exploration using essential oils as guides to our unconscious, to transform our unconscious wounds into our strength and personal myth.

13 CPDs

Dates:   November 12-13, 2022 (2 days) 9 am-5 pm

Venue:  Springhill Suites—Boulder Longmont

             1470 Dry Creek Dr, Longmont, CO 80503

Fee:       $450 / $395 Early Bird rate until October 12, 2022

             *Non-refundable, but transferable. See policy below.

              Please do not purchase your flight until the minimum is met. Min. 27/Max. 35

Florian Birkmayer Biography

My calling is to help people find their soul’s purpose in collaboration with my wife Cathy Skipper. Discover how aromatics in the form of essential oils can be powerful allies to heal the relationship between the different parts of yourself, so that these parts cooperate instead of clashing. Discover our unique, unparalleled approach, working in partnership with aromas – the expressions of the plants’ souls. Through my commitment to my own Wounded Healer’s journey, I share with our clients and students my deep understanding of what it is to be human and find your own personal myth or soul’s purpose. After a career in mainstream academic psychiatry and addiction treatment, I became frustrated by the overemphasis on pharmaceuticals to cover up symptoms and decided to use my knowledge and experience to help people recover from pharmaceutical medications. I received my bachelor’s degree in molecular biology at Princeton University, where I learned to question assumptions and discover the hidden gifts of the unseen side of life, the shadow. I received my medical doctorate from Columbia University, which taught me how to think critically about ‘business-as-usual’ medicine and inspired me to become an addiction psychiatrist, since I felt that all physical disease has its origins in imbalances in the psyche, especially trauma, an idea which had been shunned by most of medicine. Transform your life’s challenges, such as traumas, into stepping stones on the path of your personal myth. When you work with us, you learn enduring methods to help live your soul’s purpose.

Cathy Skipper Biography

In 2015, I lost my mum, moved continents, was diagnosed with cancer and lost all the material belongings I owned in the world. My passion for working with aromatics for deep, soul healing enabled me to move through these difficulties and develop a powerful and transformative modality of healing with my husband Florian Birkmayer MD. Benefit from our workshops and consultations here in New Mexico, internationally and online. Learn how to use aromatics, depth psychology, journeying and much more to peel away the layers that are keeping you from living your best life. Let me help you use the power of aromas, journeying, depth psychology and my gift of seeing the ‘real you’ to discover your soul’s purpose, heal the trauma you are carrying and become whole. Are you ready to take the plunge and discover what is holding you back? Do you feel the call to learn this powerful modality and transform your own life and your work? Cathy is the author of the books Aromatic Medicine and The Alchemy of Menopause workbook.

More info about Florian and Cathy can be found at

A Note About Our Courses: Course registrations are evaluated on the Early Bird deadline. If the minimum is not met by the Early Bird deadline, the course may be cancelled and full refunds will be given. To ensure your desired course moves forward, we encourage you to sign up before the Early Bird deadline. Course fees are Nonrefundable. In the event we have met the maximum number for the course, your course fees can be transferred to another should you need to cancel. When the minimum number has been met, we will post an update to the course page. In the event that we have filled a course you desire, you can request to be placed on the wait-list in case of any cancellations. We ask that you do not purchase your airfare until the minimum number has been met. In the event the IJPHA cancels the class, you will receive a full refund. We recommend that you purchase a refundable ticket or travel insurance in case of any unforeseen issue. The IJPHA is not responsible for refunds for your travel.

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